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The feeling of flying

The sun is like steamer parched the earth, all the burning flame, like smoke shaking in the colorful picture. Green world in a heatwave grow more exuberant lush, hot air in rotation in the wind blowing leaves, palm trees in the sun like loud golden shining it is lazy, drunk, a bit woozy sensation.

Wake up, to the balcony over the clothes, after a while, they sweat, forehead, eyes, neck side covered with sweat Jingying, a thin white blouse, tightly stick to the back, a hot sweat up series, with their own experience, straight boom nose, but no hate feeling, just don't like sweating, hot and sweat on the body slide around and sticky wet discomfort. Immediately close the balcony door, opened the air-conditioning, comfortable sitting beside the computer browsing webpage.

Draw the curtains, turned on the light, in the crevices, saw the clothes in the wind swinging, palm to bow and scrape, Benben said: ha ha, ha ha, Hello, Hello, come out and play with me! You think they look like circus clowns, shake and crumble like, a nod of the head, and back ang, left hand is bent down, is very interesting.

The scorching sun, people are coated with sunscreen, wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella, walking in the hot streets, the unpleasant, is what kind of suffering, I can not imagine, living in the four seasons such as Spring campus, spring, thousands of colorful people red flower growing, safflower charming eyes gradually green; autumn the falling leaf, cool, refreshing and pleasant red maple leaf; winter, cold wind gusts no cream, green leaves still in the Bauhinia; summer, greenery Yingying bird crowing, rich fruit sweet and fragrant! Although still has the four seasons marks, but not the north four seasons spring thaw that summer, autumn dry, thick, snow drift! The four seasons, summer is the discernable life imprint, with summer as youthful vitality, but to varying degrees.

In fact, the summer scenery is charming and vibrant! Than, rather than just walk around the campus, a taste of what it 's style! About three five friends, walking in the campus under the shade. Pedestrians on the road, man wearing a shirt, shorts, in jogging on the playground, sweat soaked hair and clothes, but I have never seen any season, can make the person so in high spirit, face a contented look; the girls a colored cool Organza Skirt, to tie up the soul silky hair, a faint smell of perfume, blowing in the wind, to our nostrils, is very fragrant. Wearing the elegant fashion heels, more significant tall charming. Sunny, bright like barge through trees, the white road. The grass a stiffening up the long, bright green scallions, from close, thick, green eye-catching, dazzling green, green was full of vigour! Long meadow, it is green ocean! Two rows of lush banyan trees, lush foliage, such as different attitude, view, such as wearing green uniforms of the soldiers, guarded the peaceful campus; and as such are girls, various shape, like a flower the myriads of changes, the beautiful.

Retain love

What is love? Love is the most important thing is what? When we thought love when, often do not understand. Many people make the mistake of infatuation as love, infatuated love may just the initial stage, or simply the budding love. Addiction at the same time, if not breeding of the rim of the emotion, love will disappear quickly, because the obsession with vanishing speed really fast.

Some people think the essence of love is romantic, but romantic just love a spoondrift in ocean, pity is the cornerstone of building the support of love, especially for married couples, not each other mutual sympathy, could not stand together through storm and stress, do come with sb.

Pity pity is in love, is deep sympathy; cherish cherish, cherish, love is not willing to give up a tiny bit. Pity is not pity, compassion is a kind of look down from a height of charity, with a superior and he met, and pity from the respect and appreciation of gentle care and give, is unconditional. Love, sympathy is a completely from the bottom of my heart, is willing to provide each other's happiness and happiness of mind, one can't help to each other in under the protection of their own, provide emotional and physical protection of strong impulse,?? and did everything to love her ( him ), she ( he ). Regardless of the fact that, whether they be stronger than his opponent.

Sympathy is what? The pity is a lover thirst when passing a cup of water, the pity is out of a concern, the pity is the one you love is crying, open arms, pity is hurried home comes to mind" if I do not go home, she would not sleep with" idea, the pity is not for hate love pain she went to the pain of a mood, pity is" as long as he is happy, I am willing to do everything" stubborn, pity is regarded him as the world's most vulnerable, most in need of love. Take pity love is not pomp, nor exaggeration, it love in heart deeply stationed, ready to be loved to provide protection and warmth.

Have the sympathy of emotion, is not willing to do a little hurt the other things, not willing to see each other a little unhappy, just want their loved one has been able to feel happy. To this goal, will delight in each other, each other to meet each other's needs, the interests of the other side on their own, to make each other feel love is the most important person in life, will help together through this life. It is built on the basis of the most sincere sympathy, the richest, most stable, most lasting love. How much love, only rainbow, no rain? How much life, only happy, no pain? Love, would say:" you are my forever." But in the darkest hour, how many people can remember the promise? Remember the love? But if in love with pity, love is not fragile, can make people in difficult when it comes to hold the hands of love.

Let me move

The snow was blowing the wanton flying, I sat in bed from dawn to dusk, quietly watching.. See the time in front of me ruthless. November status change, let me be taken by surprise, let me unprepared. As in the front wall for loneliness, stood eight hundred years. From the beginning of every three times today is now slowly adapt to circumstances ... ...

Good heart good contradiction. These days always have if have no thing bother, I thought there are two people, they are in constant fights, arguments. I can't calm down and read a book ... ...

What should I do? I will be angry, but I am afraid I am not angry qualifications, I want to give up, but I have ten million won't reason. I was silent. Because I really don't know what to do? Afraid things are getting worse and worse. Worry never turning back. I really can not control their emotions ... ...

I wonder, is it right? Because I am the environment change, and I would be inexplicable for one not liking things to sb? Or... I really don't remember, I wrong? But why some things that actually exist? I was in comfort, self hypnosis?

Sometimes, I am sitting in front of the computer, don't know what I'll do? Listen to the song, let me forget thinking. What do not want to move, I become more and more lazy. I use almost motionless movements to corrosion myself anxious heart. What is it in?

Fans hurled debris attack

 Fans hurled debris attack Beijing reporter
According to the Beijing television reporter Liu Ru says, they live interviews suffocate suffocate. She was kicked his legs, a cameraman was local staff a couple punches.
Last night, the Beijing men's basketball team still facing playoff hopes Qingdao team, the first opponent was opened flowers, Travel Experteven once will narrow the difference to 4 points, eventually lost to rivals. It is worth mentioning that, in the competition for the third quarter and 4 points in 37 seconds, the team Beijing Maurice ball made a ball movement, is a defense of his Oyedeji homeopathic fell to the ground, the referee gave Maurice a back body. Players have privately said, Maurice is to eat the technical foul, connive Oyedeji behind the continuous performance, so that the Beijing team had a lot of money Travel Expert.
Beijing TV interview that comes into play, by the local organizing committee of obstruction, video journalists were beaten," we just wanted to interview techniques represent, without any emotional reasons, we also made him ready." Liu Ru said, when she then went to the Beijing team locker room interviews, and subjected to abusive fans and sundries attack. " We are the local Organising Committee and the security personnel holding into the channel players, fans to our missiles. In this process, their staff also told we are filming the scene picture cameraman Li Bai belly a couple punches. I was kicked his feet, but security is to pay no heed." Liu Ru said.
" Home Sentry", who say to who.
This reporter beaten events is the second in Xinjiang in March last year after the home team, the Beijing media second post-game collective questioned the referee.HK plastic wood Without exception all because of increasingly serious " home sentry" Travel Expert.
CBA" Home Sentry" phenomenon, the season has reached its extreme, this point in a winning percentage were most pronounced: so far this season 17 teams winning ratio of 71.25%, winning only 28.75% away; only one team winning ratio of less than 50% ( Foshan ), while only two teams away games above 50% ( Guangdong, Beijing).
As can be seen, the CBA team in the League of the performance gap is too big, investigate its reason, the" home" whistle" is the arch-criminal". In fact, CBA has been popular a kind of view: on the road, if did not win more than 15 strength, it is difficult to take victory retreats, and the 15 points is used to deal with the" home whistle".
Why CBA" home post" so serious? This is because the CBA teams are at home to do the "hidden rules", on the road to eat the deficit,Hong Kong safety surface to look back at home. A circle is disclosed, it is because the team is more or less will do the work, so the referee just blowing whistle" home" Travel Expert.

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