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CACTX obtaining

 Oversee and coordinate CACTX obtaining all appropriate accreditation for trainings (i.e. CEU’s, TCLEOSE, MCLE, etc.)

Conduct trainings and participate in the development and organization of training sessions and materials for Multidisciplinary Teams, Team Leadership, Team Facilitator,Hong Kong Human Resource Management specialist Family Advocate, Forums and other trainings identified by Program Staff.

Oversees/coordinate the development of all collateral materials for trainings including handouts, registration materials, name tags, etc.

Responsible for ensuring website is Hong Kong Bachelor of business administration (Honours) in marketing current on training activities including training calendar and on-line training offerings.

Oversee and coordinate on-line trainings for center development/assistance including researching topics to create and update trainings and ensure website is current.

Coordinate training marketing materials.

Directs Programs and Operations Assistant in all training-related activities including material assembly facility set-up and registration of participants.

Promote the children’s advocacy centers model and represent CACTX to external audiences which may include funders, centers, committees, special initiatives, at conferences, workshops, etc.

Participate in programmatic grant development and writing, when applicable.

Attend work regularly in,Hong Kong ba marketing accordance with organization’s leave policy.

Perform other responsibilities as appropriate and necessary.

"A words will influence a person lifetime, plate heat exchangera lot of people, particularly the person who is a teacher and makes decision a tube, can develop the influence on other people, even if he not Ta-f is big expensive, but is appreciated by person forever" he excitedly says.Didn't dare since the childhood professor Wu Jing Ji is at the psychology of other people's in front speak up or sing a song, while just going to the United States to study asking of slowly a word a syllable of instructor Wu Jing Ji:"What subject do you greatly try to teach at 4:00 in Taiwan?" has never once spoken English before leaving set of Wu Jing Ji, in order not to misunderstand, use to write of answer:"English(English)." other party laughs loud and has two seconds, Wu Jing Ji feels shame get ashamed, but from the professor's laughter and facial expression, Wu Jing Ji's consciousness he be not in the derision, indeed as expected he says:"I feel that you are very humorous." Wu Jing Ji at 《shy.lonesome.love 》write a way in the book:"Comment like this to my encouragement rather big, I feel very comfortable, incredibly can use the ocean Jing strand English and he equal conversation, he ability so aggressive and appreciate of taste to treat me, Hong Kong Business Administration in marketingI why return vital part abashed? this conversation experience changed my whole life, from now on I start learning to face expert's face not red, face authority to dare to communicate." Wu Jing Ji afterwards returns a term to teach, establishment the orchid Ling play shop,write book and plait book, influenced a lot of young men.

Provide technical assistance to established and developing children’s advocacy centers through consultations both verbal and written, resource development and dissemination and recording of technical assistance in organization’Hong Kong management and marketings database.

Develop training materials related to Trainings offered for children’s advocacy centers including updating with current research and trends. Assure written training materials are maintained accurately and in an organized manner in computer system and paper filing system.

Direct the coordination and implementation for CACTX’Hong Kong Training specialist annual conference.

Lead staff member for the training event module software (CVENT).

Identify and supervise qualified contractors (when applicable) to perform trainings.



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