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  • 2016.03.31 Thursday
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should shampooing

 Overseas the words of the trip, should shampooing to protect hair product purchase in the region?

The fluid matter of western countries is harder and purchases in the domestic of shampoo a product, there will be annoyance that I ain't easy to crumple a foam in the region, the list is in view of this angle and purchase in the region better.But because delivering quality is different, the Euro-American person presents the hair nursing of the air shape thing after using, the Asian may appear too dry Peng disorderly annoyance.

Dye hair to want to control to shampoo number of times after having permanent wavehairs shedding?

Have permanent wave is change the hair protein constitutes of chemistry behavior.When just burning is good because change of constituted part to return not enough stability, so for maintaining hair style longer that very day time had better not shampoo.After having permanent wave to dye to deliver of a with in the week, the hair is special flimsiness, so wet hair of time specially notice.It use a towel to strongly rub to crumple hair, or is what hair hasn't done and then gone to bed all of sleepings are can not.After, had better use to dye hair to have permanent wave appropriation of wash to protect hair product to improve hair quality.

The skin of head becomes itchy because of shampooing water not result in?

If changed to shampoo water to appear an abnormality behind, should right away stop an usage.If already use a period of time behind became itchy a phenomenon, so very great degree may be because have never  shampoo water blunt clean but result in, try decrease to shampoo aqueous quantity, as far as possible hurtle to clean, attain not to let to shampoo water to remain on the skin of head.The season conversion, body is also probably unwell to temporarily make the skin of head become sensitive in the meantime.This kind of time tries shampooing of sensitive skin of head appropriation productPlate Heat Exchanger.

Is the summer the best period of Xu hair?

Spring and autumn belong to an easily fallening off of the hair period, dropping hair the quantity will have increment, but then belong to the growth period of hair for 7~8 months, the hair can fly soon become long, but mightiness of the ultraviolet ray will make the hair doubly got hurt to harm.If stayed a long-haired plan, is an on the contrary the best opportune moment in winter.

Will combing hair the hair let hair because does the friction suffer from injury?

If want that solving the Peng of hair is disorderly and makes the dirty mark of skin of head more easily cleaned, before shampooing comb is count for much.Especially grow the girls of curl hair, combing hair to follow on the contrary can't harm hair while shampooing.Just ignore when, the wet hair absolutely can not comb.

Shampooing to protect hair product must be used united brand, otherwise meeting have no effect?

Design for making hair agreeable to slip of shampoo water, if match up the increment deliver the protecting of quantity hair vegetable, the effect will give discount.If the choices are all same product of nursing effect and washed to protect a product not to belong to the same brand don't also relate to.In addition, the words of the same brand, the type of spice, composition can't conflict, if the words that consider from the shape effect had better as far as possible use the same brand and series.

Time of shampooing had better choose Wen Shui?

37-40 ℃ Wen Shui are the most suitable proper.If use cold water, don't can be good to clean the dirty mark of sebum and skin of head, on the other hand, because the hair constitutes to°from the protein, too hot water, will hurt hair.But while flushing to protect hair a vegetable, use some a little bit a little bit hotter of the water effect will be better.So, it is different from the feat water temperature that protect a method to shampoo, notice to adjust temperatureinterior design.

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