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  • 2016.03.31 Thursday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


So of waiting

 So of waiting for and having result?
Descended every day the class open a computer to wait for you last line, be to see you are on-line and ask oneself this again how?Why the need for?He probably finishes completely viewpoint of knowing nothing a he.Oneself is to can't fight for.Forsyth商務中心

Chat with you every day, really really want to tell you to think with you together.Oneself can basically have no that courage, it is afraid to don't know hereafter can not make friend to still fear you the image destruction is in your heart.Anti- again and again reply to looking at our chat of record, just discover oneself sinks so and deeply and use feeling to you so deep.

Some the time really makes of don't understand you, you to each girl is so or to I?Why some time I can feel to get you to me of love?Or isn't that basically love?I don't know that we have a possibility, can I still keep entertaining a hope.Probably you basically aren't that meaning, I still keep waiting you for a year.If we are still such after a year, that destines our this present life no luck.

I don't know how much time the appearance that fantasizes us together.You of world I enter of go to?商務中心

Probably all of everythings are that I thought to be too many!If is really that I think to be too many, that why do you always seek me first?Is intentional?I think BE!Because you that man's natural character.Can have a change for a year?If the in the mind really has me and then don't make my etc. too long, I will be tired.

In fact a lot of times all make a firm decision to give up everything.Can have no a time to be you to seek me I still will persuade oneself, hopeful, have result of.Can really have?I don't know that I don't understand.

Remember while just turning to our class in a little while you always like to see my diary and also read aloud out my diary?That night I wrote you into my diary for the first time, I at in write I disliked you wanted to be sworn enemies with you.Can the day in behind is more and more interesting.Because you always ask for me angry, also always give me surprise when I pay no attention.Always call when I am humiliated by the other people how I do, you notice me first before I didn't notice you.I ask you question your head quarter answer it's true.

Afterwards cent class, I divide to another class.With you separate, serious, at that time how not sad.Can you gave me an again at this time surprised pleased, you moved lesson table to come over.I was really happy at that time.Can a section lesson all didn't up, you move to return to again.Because the form master doesn't want you.I am another disappointment.We took in the different classroom for a semester so.We all walked...Forsyth Business centre

After several years we and then meet on the net.We chat time and time again.You write in your personality signature you once wanted a birthday, can the nobody accompany.I ask you to want what gift, you said wanting shoe in the beginning.(was selling shoe at that time because of I)Regrettable have no a male type of, then you say that you want leather belt.I say leather belt.So I give° the leather belt you sent to return to, you call to send that that school till our past.Led several days you haven't been subjected to, you went to post office!I really want to ask you that day, what you paid attention to is that leather belt or because of being what I send?A leather belt confiscates you are completely whole over can not appropriate one thing.Can why must you take?You call me to send leather belt, don't you know the meaning of leather belt?

You call me to seek girl friend for you now.You are ashamed or the in the mind basically has no me.I say that I want to return to Kunming, you ask me to when go and say that your leading will also go for 56 months.You another time makes me feel that your in the mind definitely has me.You, let me feel good fan Mang.

Doesn't know whether your in the mind existence mine.So of stay and wait you for several years, don't know to refuse an excessive little person for these several years, only because the in the mind has been having you.So of wait for worth?Business centre

Friends do you say that my waiting like this is right still wrong?


  • 2016.03.31 Thursday
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  • by スポンサードリンク




この前も一週間で8人と会って、4 0万も稼いじまった!!笑

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