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  • 2016.03.31 Thursday
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sparse soil stock

 The sparse soil stock fights structure risk or will imminent
There is food at hand, not panic in the heart.Local sparse soil"war" in brief induces, can be treated as the war of magnificent and victorious stock.
A the in the last years sparse soil price soars and forces the whole industry chains to all start hoarding stock.The upper stream business enterprise will approach the yield entirely carries into a warehouse for one year, even if have already piled up can not none of situations storing in warehouse again wish sale;Downstream then the dismay ground keep on purchase raw material to evade markup risk, and hope to compare to go together many cooks to make a day of it, win victory.LED lights manufacturer

Just, the movement mode of this kind of whole professionses high stock is facing more and more strong risk.Expect but shot up according to the policy fierce enter of sparse soil price, face an integration situation face to face the bottleneck, price expect a gradually alternant test.But before the whole professionses hoard of stock, will become a hot potato, finally become Qing Xie but"quake lake" of at any time.Worthy of paying attention to BE, be in the center placed in the trade business enterprise of position, the risk has already gradually broken out.overseas risk

Up and down visit wager stock
For sparse soil profession the upper stream is also mineral mountain and smelter that supplies raw material to say, first half year of best sale strategy is to don't sell this year.Because the price soars an expectation really too severely, the stock is worth of being breaking a record everyday.Sell more and late, earn more many.dvb t tuners

"No matter is an oxide or metal, all already heap full warehouse, deliver goods to measure seldom seldom.New product's storing in warehouse has been very difficult recently."At send forth the smelter area of the pack the head some stateowned large sparse soil business enterprise of light chemical engineering raw material smell in, a representative director says.The flank is to bake a car, a bag of bag 1000 kilograms pack of the carbonic acid sparse soil just and to a tee the code put in the corner.

This parent company subordinate biggest sparse soil smelter, have been being placed in the operation appearance of high stock this year.The factory's year separates ability 12,000 tons, but above-mentioned representative director reveal to the reporter, the current product stock has already attained 10,000 tons or so.Is also say, almost the yield of the one the whole year all store in the database building now, didn't sell.The form that there was a part to formally store by guo jia two months ago among them stores in warehouse.dvb t mpeg4
"The previous gave birth to is so many, the country kept the quantity of demand to complete right away."The above-mentioned personage means.
The factory's circumstance has to represent sex very much.Since last year, because the sparse soil price severely soars an expectation, the production of sparse soil mineral mountain and Ye chain business enterprise contains hundred percent motive.The mineral mountain is a great deal of digging, Ye chain business enterprise as long as can buy sparse soil Jing mineral, also all open enough horsepower to speed production.Consequently and repeatedly spread work letter the subordinate reaches of the production instruction plan is in the in a short time drive fast- using up news.dvb-t receivers

But the high yield didn't bring high sale, the storing goods of above-mentioned smelter strategy actually was miniaturing of whole professionseses.The upper stream cherishes to sell to not only cause price's soaring and supply also unsteady.


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