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  • 2016.03.31 Thursday
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LED the street

 The green ages optoelectronics carries out LED the street lamp product mold piece turn
Xu HuangThe mold piece of product turns, is industrial finished product technique the maturity and standard unify of concentrated embodiment and inevitable outcome, LED the development of the street lamp is no exception.The mold piece of LED street lamp turns of so difficult produce up to now, is because exist a technique obstacle in spreading hot, watertightness, going together with only, parts canning at will replace, with arbitrarily the sodium light light hull being proper to go together with a many key of etc. of link, obstructed LED thus the mold piece formation for turning of the street lamp.As long as you solve above-mentioned technique hard nut to crack in the world, LED street lamp mold the piece turned a problem to solve problems with the greatest ease naturally.

Peking is green ages the optoelectronics science and technology limited company(as follows brief name for the green ages company) is in two years after establishing have no nasty achievement the near benefit ground ascend LED and illuminate a market, but under the Qian heart to throw in a great deal of research budget and carry on a research experiment, technique and offend a pass, finally all obtained historic breakthrough on all technique links, thoroughly solved check and supervision LED to illuminate an universal applied technique hard nut to crack,12 volt led lighting at local LED the street lamp market is been returned to a dead silent moment gradually by the first hullabaloo and the disturbance and give domestic is brought new first light of day to the international LED street lamp market.

First, in spreading hot function, the green ages company develops to submit the Na rice of having the completely independent intelligent property right to spread hot coating and spray that coating in spread a hot machine superficial, can make to spread the spreading of hot machine hot function on the original foundation again raise 30%.Spread in the lamp in addition hot up still adopted'top and bottom deeply, make use of natural air convection to spread hot'of from have a patent technique.Spreads a hot technique to apply in these two patents in LED street lamp after, the LED street lamp physically uses outdoors the work temperature Heng in the environment settles in below 45 ℃ and thus and thoroughly solved temperature to lead high influence LED street lamp light Shuai and the world hard nut to crack of life span, make LED of regardless many big powers street lamp, the green ages company all can promise that it uses for 10,000 hours don't appear light the Shuai reduce.

Secondly, on the waterproof function, the green ages company adopted the light source COB pack a way of in the meantime, also create to possess singly of is positive the light source, the anode design is in the board just above of patent the waterproof problem that packs a way, LED lights manufacturerhoroughly solves light source.Because the independent light source can pass screw fixedly and the card Huang fixedly wait various fixed ways fixedly in spreading a hot machine, and pass a patent technique can also make each irradiation angles of independent light source able to carry on regulating according to the effective demand, the power of light source can according to needing to be adjusted at will make LED the light source of the street lamp thoroughly carried out a mold piece to turn and was easy to a maintenance to replace.

The third, on other structure, the green ages company makes the power, actuator of LED street lamp spreading hot machines and all designs into the mold piece that can independently install to dismantle to unload turns structure, and returns to went with to go together with after carrying on in brief process a reformation to the various existing shape sodium light light hull and keep the sodium light light hull of intact and beauty, dvb t mpeg4tthe economy in great quantities replaces expenses and has very important realistic meaning to street lamp reformation in the city.

Green ages optoelectronics science and technology limited company in Peking passes 18 patents technique of comprehensive application, thoroughly carried out LED's standardizing of street lamp to turn with mold piece, the its technical forerunner all far away led in the whole world and had to biggest expand universal value, will produce huge economic efficiency and social efficiency.


  • 2016.03.31 Thursday
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